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Наша адреса:
Україна, 79000,
м. Львів,
вул. Коперніка, 47
+380 32 2381-956
+380 32 2381-957


Місце розташування офісу

Розташування офісу

About the Notary

Private Notary in and with Lviv City Notaries District Ihor Kulynyak.

Notarial Activity Registration – February 3, 1995.

Commission Certificate No 1415, issued by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on July 19, 1994.

Registration Certificate No.3 issued by the Department of Justice in Lviv Region on February 3, 1995.

Our services

Notaries execute the following acts:

  • Legal acts notarization (agreements, wills, powers of attorney, etc.);

  • Provisions for safekeeping of inherited property;

  • Issuing of inheritance certificates;

  • Issuing of certificates of title to part of the marital property in case of death of one of the spouses;

  • Issuing of certificates of property purchase at public auction;

  • Issuing of certificates of property purchase at public auction in case of failure of public auction;

  • Execution of specification of property of an individual who is established missing or whose whereabouts are unknown;

  • Issuing of duplicates of documents deposited in the files of the Notary;

  • Imposition and lifting of restraint upon alienation of real estate property (real estate property rights) and transport vehicles subject to state registration;

  • Certification of copies of documents and their excerpts;

  • Certification of signatures on documents;

  • Notarization of document translations;

  • Attestation of the fact that an individual or legal entity is the executor under a will;

  • Attestation of the fact that an individual is alive;

  • Attestation of the fact of an individual’s staying in a certain place;

  • Attestation of the time of document presentation;

  • Handing statements of individuals and legal entities over to other individuals and legal entities;

  • Accepting money and securities for deposit;

  • Execution of notarial certificates;

  • Execution of protests of bills;

  • Executing of ship’s protest;

  • Acceptance of documents for deposit.

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